Friday, April 2, 2010

Sugar Eggs

My mom and I made sugar eggs today, just in time for Easter! This was my first time making these and they are well worth the effort. Although, I'm not sure if I will be doing anymore in the near future... :)

To be honest though, I am impressed that mine turned out this well. I know they are not perfect by any stretch. But they do look like Sugar Eggs, which is something! I had a great teacher though! I learned SO much about decorating today from my Mom! It really was a great day! :)

I think the real reason Royal Frosting is called that is because it is a "Royal" pain to work with. LOL....I know I just think I am SO clever. ;) To tell you the truth though, I think the hardest part is molding the actual sugar into the egg shape. Looks and sounds easy, but it very difficult. I think I gained some mad skills for the next time around though.

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