Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 years already

So, a week ago was ADM's 3rd birthday!  It's been a little crazy around here since we got back from Christmas in I'm a little late announcing that.  Kind of hard to believe I started this little blog 3 years ago!  And now, people read it (and use it as a go to for recipes) even when I am not very faithful about writing.  So, thanks!  It's been a great three years and I can't wait for more!  Unfortunately I don't really have any new recipes to share with you right now...but since I've been sick with a pretty nasty cold for the last few days the hubs has been cooking (and baking!) so maybe he'll share something....ha!  ( I wish! )

Thanks again for a great three years and see you again soon!

BTW  Remember one of our friends on Etsy called JewelsNJoys?  Well, they just started a Cancer Awareness line of Jewelry!  So you should check it out here:  They have some really great earring at super prices and some of the proceeds go to help fund cancer research!
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