Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Microwave Hasselbeck Potatoes

I've seen several posts about Hasselbeck Potatoes throughout the last few weeks.  And I remember my Mom making them, and me eating them (or something very similar to them) growing up.  So, when I was looking for an idea for a main dish side for dinner the other night, I decided to make some of these.  I found several recipes online...but they all took a long time to bake in the oven.  And I suppose that's so they crispy on the outside and soft on the inside...well, I didn't want to wait that long.  (When do I ever?)  I whipped up a batch and threw them in the micro and viola ~10 minutes later they were perfectly cooked and devoured.  Yum.  Love em.  Here's what I whipped up...

4 Potatoes (I used russet)
2 T.  Olive Oil
2 cloves  Garlic, minced
1/8-1/4 c. shredded/grated Parmesan cheese (I personally think the fresh kind is best)
Parsley for garnish

1.  Cut the potatoes in thin slices almost all the way through except for the last 1/4-3/8" of the bottom, so they stay together.  Tip:  Set a wooden spoon (or table knife) on each side of the potato you are about to cut.  That way you won't cut all the way through the potato and you won't have to think about it. :)
2.  Place cut potatoes on a microwave safe plate.
3.  Toss together the olive oil, garlic and cheese until combined.  Then evenly distribute it over (and into the slits) of the potatoes.
4.  Place in the microwave and cook on your potato setting for 4 potatoes or for about 5 minutes a potato!  :)  (If your micro doesn't have a plate that rotates inside be sure to turn it every few minutes so they don't cook unevenly!)
5.  Serve hot and along with some protein, or as a mid-day snack.  These are that good.  Simple, delish and they'll make you want to watch some football.  :)  (And no, I have no idea why they call these Hasselbeck Potatoes, but it does make me think of Elizabeth Hasselbeck's football playing buddy, whenever I see them!)


  1. They're named after the restaurant in Stockholm Sweden (founded in 1748) that first served them in the 1940's - Hasselbacken.

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  7. Great recepie, just what i was looking for, new and diffrent things to try in my new built in microwave .Thanks ftw!


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