Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tomatillo Salsa inspired by Moe's Southwest Grill

Have you ever eaten at Moe's before? They aren't everywhere, but there are a lot in Kentucky and NC at least.  It's similar to Qdoba and Chipotle but different.  Since it's a Southwest Grill the rice is a little spiced, and they have just tons of fresh ingredients that you can add to your entree (quesadilla, burrito, bowl, salad, etc...) free!  Anyway, they also give you free chips with every entree and the best part about that is their salsa bar!  They usually have 5 or so varieties to choose from and my fave is their tomatillo.  I'd never really even heard much about, or let alone consumed, tomatilloes before we moved to NC and stumbled across Moe's.  Boy am I glad we did.  They are delicious, especially in salsa!  So here's my take on Tomatilla Salsa!:) 

What you'll need:
3 Medium Tomatillos
1 Small Sweet Pepper (preferably yellow to blend in)
Juice from 1 Small Lemon (or about 2 T.)
1 Jalapeno
2 Cloved Garlic, minced
1/2c-3/4c Cilantro

 Grab your ingredients.  For some reason my garlic, onions and jalapeno didn't make it into this photo...
 Aren't tomatillos just cool too?  I can't get over the whole husk thing, and the whole deliciousity thing.  They are cute too, right?
 Here's our first jalapeno from our garden.  Stubby but quite spicy!  Yum!
 The inside of a tomatillo.  Interesting huh?  Nothing like a tomato, really, at, all.  Yet SO yummy in salsa!  Sorry for a bit of jumping around in my post...apparently that's how I roll...some...times... :)
 Roughly chop everything up and throw it in the blender or food processor.  Pulse until combined!
 Mhmmm, delicious, fresh, tomatillo salsa!
It's just SO fresh and perfect for summer.  And perfect for every other season too.  But it's really perfect on these freakishly hot days.  :)  Enjoy.  I know I just did!  It's great on homemade burrito bowls too.  Just put some on the bowls I made tonight.

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  1. You mentioned onion in your description, they didn’t make it into the photo, nor is it listed in the ingredients. Please advise?


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