Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monster Cookies

I love cookies.  In fact, I'm kind of a cookie monster.  So it's only fitting that I made Monster Cookies!  :)  I think Eileen's Cookies has my very favorite Monster Cookies...so I tried to replicate those.  At first I googled to see if someone had a recipe like Eileen's...but no one seemed to.  So, I made my own!  :)  They turned out really well too!!  Yum.
Oh, while looking up about Monster Cookies, I learned a couple of things.  Like they don't have flour in them and they need chocolate and it's all wrapped up in a peanut butter cookie.  I had known there was oatmeal, peanut butter and M&Ms in them....I just didn't know they were a flour-less cookie.  Cool huh?

Gather the ingredients.

Monster Cookies

4-5 c. Quick Oats
1.5 c. Peanut Butter
1 c. Sugar
1 c. Brown Sugar, packed
1 c. M&Ms
1/2 c. Crisco Shortening
3 eggs (or equivalent egg substitute)
2 t. Baking Soda
1.5 t. Vanilla Extract
1 t. Salt
1.  Combine the sugar, brown sugar and shortening.
2.  Once the sugars and shortening are combined, add salt, baking soda, vanilla and eggs.  Mix until combined.
3.  Now add the peanut butter and again mix until combined.  It will get thicker, and quite silky smooth.  Like below.
4.  Add the oats in one cup at a time, mixing between in additional cup.  (See pics below)  Depending where you live you may use anywhere between 4 and 5 cups of oats.  I used 5 c. of oats and live in North Carolina.
5.  After the dough is the right consistency for cookies, carefully add in the M&Ms.  I incorporated them with the mixer but used the very lowest speed which is called "Stir" and just let it go around a couple of times. (see pics)
6.  Now you are ready to bake these little goodies!  I use a teaspoon cookie scoop like so...but you can just drop by the spoonful or use a large scoop!  :)  Just leave 3 inches or so inbetween each unbaked cookie on the sheet.
7.  Bake these cookies at 350degrees for 7-11 minutes or until golden brown.  (Don't let them get too brown, because you want the middles to be slightly chewy and definitely delicious!  :)
This batch made about 6.5 dozen cookies!  :)

Enjoy!  Oh, and these did turn out to taste just about like Eileen's Monster Cookies too!!!  Woohooo!!! Yum!  :)

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  1. You have no temp on here. So I did 375* for 8 min but needed to flatten them because I cooled them in fridge before cooking.

  2. Thanks for letting me know I had left out the temp. I bake them at 350 for 7-11 minutes. :)

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