Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to make Cloth Napkins!

Have you ever wanted to make these?  Well, I did.  I actually just wanted to buy some...but can't justify spending $10 for 4 of them....so naturally I decided to make some!  :)  I am still using fabric from that sheet set, so it's a steal of a deal.  So far out of a twin sheet set I have made two totes and two napkins!  Anyway, on to the how to...

Start out with a square of fabric.  You can really make these big or small.  I made 16" squares.
 Once you have squares you can start pinning the hems on the sides.  Be sure to fold it over twice, so it doesn't fray too much.  (Look at pics below.)  Then just pin around the whole square.
Finally, sew around the whole square and viola!  You've made a napkin that's green, reusable and cute!  :)
 Here you can see the two I just made.  I think they are pretty adorable, and I'm excited to use them for dinner.  Although...I think I will have to make quite a few more so we can use them everyday!  :)

Happy sewing!

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