Monday, October 18, 2010

How to make a reusable Trick or Treat Bag!

Here's a way to make a reusable treat bag for your kiddos--or yourself--this Halloween!  :)  Just start with some cardboard, fabric paint, paint brush and a bag.  The bag can be homemade or not.  Here are a couple of how to's for bags you can use here or here.  You can control how involved you want this to be too!  Big or small bag, one color of paint or more, etc...  :)  The possibilities are endless!  (You can also experiment with different fabrics.)

The supplies . . .
Once you have your supplies in order, choose what design you would like to put on the bag.  You can sketch it on the bag with a pencil before painting or just wing it. ;)  (I sketched it beforehand.)  Place a piece of cardboard in the bag so they paint won't go through.  Then paint your design!  Again, possibilities are endless.  Princesses, Pumpkins, Cars, Animals, etc...  I did a little black cat, just like ours. :)

Finished Product!
 Let dry flat for 4 hours. (or more depending on the paint)  You can attach a strap or handle if desired.  Enjoy!  :)

This will be around for years to come, and you can always touch up paint as needed.  It's also washable, unlike some store-bought treat bags!  :)

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