Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easy Tiny Totes

Here's a tiny tote you can make several of in an hour!  Perfect for kiddos, treat bags, goodie bags, etc....Here's how to make them!  :)

What you'll need:
Sewing Machine
10" x 20 " piece of fabric
10" x 4" piece of farbic for handle

1.  Start with the 10" x 20" piece of fabric.  Pin and then sew along each 10" side.  Like below.
 2.  Next, fold the fabric in half so that the pretty sides are touching.  Pin and then sew up the sides, like below.
 3.  Pick up, what will be the bottom of the tote, and make a bottom for the tote.  Look at pic below, and then sew it so it looks like below.  Do this one each side.
 4.  The bag will start looking like a tote, see below...
 5.  Turn the tote right side out, and we'll start on the strap next.
 See the bottom of the tote again, cute huh?
 6.  Fold the 10" x 4" fabric up so that the edges aren't showing.  Then sew it on each side like below.
 7.  Pin the strap into place on each side seam of the tote.
 8.  Sew into place.  You can have it look like this.... or this....   :)

Now the tote is done!!  See how adorable it is?!?!?!  It even sits up by itself!  :)
 I whipped 7 of these out yesterday in about 2 if I can, I'm sure you can too!!  :)  Hope you have sew much fun too!!!

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