Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hot Chocolate like Williams-Sonoma

Have you ever been to Williams-Sonoma around Christmas time?  I hadn't until today, and it was fantastic!  That store is always great, but it's even better right now!  They have samples of some things they sell like brownies, peppermint bark and their amazing hot chocolate!  After my hubby and I sampled the hot chocolate, I just couldn't wait to get home to make some of my own!   It's super easy with only two ingredients and you can totally cater it to your likes!  :)

Here's what you'll need for some amazing homemade, cold winter worthy hot chocolate!

1 oz. Chocolate, Shaved (per serving)
10 oz. Milk (per serving)

You can really use any chocolate, but the better quality of the chocolate--the better the hot chocolate will be!  I used some quality semi-sweet chocolate that I had on hand.  My hubby and I really liked the way it turned out.  But you can certainly try milk chocolate, dark chocolate or even unsweetened.  (Although you will probably have to add sugar to the unsweetened....)    And you can use any milk you have on hand.  I used nonfat and it was just fantastic!  :)

Here's what you do....

1.  Put the milk in a pot on the stove and slowly heat it up.  Stir rather frequently.  (Whisk works well.)
 2.  Once the milk is warm start whisking in the shaved chocolate until it is all melted.  Continue to whisk and heat the hot chocolate up until it is warm (hot) enough for your taste. :)
3.  Ladle into mugs and top with some extra chocolate shavings if desired.  :)

Enjoy!  :)  It's pretty much the MOST amazing hot chocolate I've ever had in my entire life!  In fact, it is.  And I just drank 10 wonder ounces of it....and may have to make some more!  :)  


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