Monday, December 13, 2010

7 Last minute gifts for the Foodie in your life....

It's only 12 days till Christmas!  Here are some gift ideas for the foodie in your life.  Complete with links to buy the items on the list. :)
1.  How about some little silcone pinch bowls?  So cute, and practical.  (Amazon, ~$5)

2.  How about this awesome Cyclone Whisk?  It'll make whipping up a treat a breeze. (Wilton, ~$10)

3.  Baking will be super quick to clean up when you give them a silicone baking mat! (ReUseIt, ~$10.)

4.  These Cannoli forms will come in super handy for the pastry enthusiast!  (Amazon,~$5.)

5.  That foodie will never misplace their salt and pepper again with these handy magnetic grinders!  Plus they'll have fresh ground salt and pepper at all times! :)  (Target, ~$20)

6.  How about these Star Wars sandwich cutters?  Adorable.  (Williams-Sonoma, ~$30 (on sale for $20))

7.  Maybe some adorable stacking mugs or really adorable stacking espresso mugs and saucers?  (World Market, ~$10)

Or maybe something from ADM's Cafepress Store.  Apron?  Water bottle?  Tote? You choose it!  :) (Items range in price.)

 I don't have any connections to any of the products on this list (except for the last one!), it's just some personal recommendations from me.  :)

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