Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Care Packages

We all love them.  Today, we just got one from my hubby's Aunt and this is what it had in it:  candy, cookies, "Joy" and an Apron that my hubby's grandma made in the 1960's.  So this little apron is 50 years old and still in great shape.  She knows that I enjoy cooking, and thought I could use it!  :)  It's so sweet that she sent it to us!  

Hope everyone is doing well.  :)


  1. Is that the apron I see in the picture? It looks like it possibly is Grandma Moses fabric. I can't tell for sure because I can't see much, but the time period works. If so, it really is a treasure!!

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is fabric with the print "Early Springtime on the Farm" by Grandma Moses.
    Her paintings & fabric are quite collectible. My mother used to have Grandma Moses kitchen curtains & she threw them away. I would love to have them...

  3. That's awesome! That is it in the pic. How cool! I can't believe your mom would through those curtains away! :(

    I thought the fabric was just darling! Now I'm not sure if I'll ever use it, maybe I will just hang it up for display in the kitchen or get a shadow box! Thanks for letting me know!!


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