Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Make a Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Some people are hard to shop for. Others are easy to shop for. Then, there are all the Holiday parties to attend and hostess gifts to give. It's always more affordable and special to make gifts yourself. So, why not make this great hot cocoa basket this year! It's simple to put together, and will please any recipient. Perfect for a hostess gift, friend or family member this season!

What you'll need:
Cloth or towel
2 mugs (matching is best)
Spoons dipped in chocolate or Candy canes
Hot cocoa mix (homemade, Williams-Sonoma Style or store-bought)
Plastic Wrapping

How to assemble the basket:
1. Place the cloth or towel neatly in the bottom of the basket.
2. Arrange the hot cocoa mix in the middle of the basket with the mugs on either side.
3. Place chocolate dipped spoons or candy canes inside the mugs. (Refer to picture below.)
4. You can place addition ribbon (bows) on the mugs and/or hot cocoa.
5. Wrap up in plastic wrapping and tie a bow with the ribbon at the top. (Refer to picture above.)
5 Variations:

1. Different themes for the mugs and towel in the basket. Color of their kitchen, Coffee lovers, Chefs, etc...

2. Add more than just two mugs. Family of 3? Give 3 mugs. Family of 4? Give 4 mugs, etc...

3. Give a variety of different flavors of hot chocolate. White, Dark, Mint, Cinnamon, etc... That will make this gift even bigger and better than it already would be!

4. Give tea, coffee and hot cocoa along with the mugs in the basket for a more well rounded gift truly perfect for anyone on your list!

5. In addition to the original basket above, add a gift card (or two) to a local (or chain) coffee shop! That way they can enjoy your gift on the go as well as at home!

I've given these to several people throughout the years and they've always been a big hit! Feel free to get creative with the shape and size of the basket, because it will give this gift a whole different feel. Have fun and happy gifting!


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