Thursday, October 7, 2010


Have you ever had brie?  It's quite a delicious cheese, and why not right?  It's French!  The land where Julia Child's spent so much time learning to cook.  :)

Anyway, my hubby and I found a great deal on some brie and got about a 1/2 lb.  So, while I was hoping to do something extraordinary with it...I decided just to pair it with crackers and pear slices last night.  To my surprise, we both enjoyed it too!  :)  I do have loftier plans for this great cheese, but for now, I will share this appetizer with you!

So just slice your wheel (or pie wedge in my case) of cheese into a tiny wedge and serve with crackers and pears.  These were cracked wheat crackers, but I'm confident this cheese would go well with plenty of crackers!  If you wonder why I cut the brie like this, read this article.

Simple goodness.  :)

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