Thursday, April 22, 2010

Organic v3 f1 Juice

Ok, you know V8 juice?  Well, I am in love with making juices now at home with my Bullet Express.  So instead of V8, I did V3 F1.  So this juice has 3 vegetables and 1 fruit in it!  It's actually quite reminiscent of V8 juice too...well to me at least.  :)  Oh, and organic things were on sale today, so this is made with all organic veggies and fruit!  So here's how you too can make this healthy, vitamin filled drink at home!  :)

V3F1 Juice:

2 Carrots

4 Stalks Celery, you can use leaves too

1 Large Beet

2 Pears

1.  Cut veggies and fruit up into about 2" squares.

2.  Put some into your juicer or bullet express juicer and juice! :)

3.  Repeat until all fruit/veggies are juiced!

4.  Stir it up and enjoy!

Now...I want to try homemade apple juice but I have to clean the juicer to do that...I may just wait till tomorrow to make apple juice!  :)  (Something seems wrong with cleaning the juicer just to make a mess in it and have to clean it again...)

DISCLAIMER:  This juice has a beet in it, so beware, because it will be bright in color and could possibly stain your counters, clothing, etc...  So enjoy responsibly!

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