Monday, April 12, 2010

Skiing, and time out of the kitchen

So, my husband and I just got back about 4 hours ago.  We went on a Spring Ski trip to Steamboat Springs, CO.  Even though it was so warm it was slushy snow to ski in, we had a lot of fun! :)  It was SO nice that my hubs skied in a t-shirt.  Wow!  Now, that's a very warm ski day in Colorado.  Did I mention how absolutely beautiful the mountains were on our drive up to Steamboat and our time there?  There were gorgeous vistas from everywhere, even our hotel room!  It's such a pleasure and privilege to live in Colorado!

Anyway, I took along my Electric Skillet so I could make some easy dinners in the hotel room.  But, as it turns out I didn't use it much at all.  We stayed there three nights, and skied two days.  When we got there on Friday night it was around 5:30.  But by the time we unloaded the car it was nearly 6.  We we quite hungry, so I just heated up Spaghetti O's in the skillet.  (Actually a tasty and quick way to do it...)  So, then for dinner on Saturday night we ate some turkey sandwiches on homemade rolls with avocado and lettuce.  (Surprisingly good, but probably because we were tuckered from skiing and starved....)  Then, for dinner last night, we were in Old Town Steamboat and decided to eat out at Beau Jo's Mountain Style Pizzas.  (It was delicious, as always...we have one where we live too.  Just love it!)  So, all in all we ate quite a few turkey sandwiches on our trip--because they are easy, yummy, healthy, pretty cheap and the only cold cut I like--and some easy dinners too.

Now this week I am busy packing up our apartment because we are moving across town on Saturday!  (We technically have until the 7th of May to be out of our apartment, but we'd like to live in our new place as soon as we can!) :)  So, I am going to try to blog and add recipes as much as I can, but this week may be a little hectic.  So we may just have to see.  :)  I have already packed up about 8 boxes since we got back tonight I am feeling encouraged!

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