Friday, April 2, 2010

Can't live with it, and can't live without it....

I suppose there are a few things I could be speaking of....but right now I'm talking about food.  Seriously, we need to it survive, but sometimes it seems like it would be easier to just do without.  Since that's not possible, I've decided to start journaling about what I eat.

This maybe too personal...but I will just say it.  I have what you would call "a sensitive stomach".  I'm not really sure what it is, and Doctors haven't been too helpful either.  About a year ago I was convinced it was Lactose Intolerance, so I went to the Dr. and she wanted me to go without any milk products (including milk, cheese, yogurt, etc...) for a month.  She said that if I got better that was the problem, and if I didn't then it was something else.  I didn't really think that seemed terribly scientific...but I went along with it.  I surprisingly got a lot better throughout that month.  So I kept going for a while longer, and I got worse again.  Since that Dr. wasn't too helpful I didn't go back.  So since then, I've wondered if I'm actually a Celiac or something...

Well, I still don't know.  I bought a book called "The Gluten Connection" a few months ago and only have read a few pages. I think I am going to try reading it again, and see if I can figure something out.  Meanwhile, I am logging foods I eat that don't go so well.

My husband and I have done some research for other things that could be going on and we've found a couple things that seem to be helping me, so I'll share what we've come up with.

1.  Don't wait to long to eat.  So eat small meals throughout the day.

2.  Don't have citrus fruit or Emergen-C on an empty stomach.

3.  Don't eat too fast.  Chew each bit thoroughly and drink water every few bites.

4.  Don't eat too much red meat or fat in any meal.  They just don't digest very well.

5.  Try not to drink fluids with "High Fructose Corn Syrup" in them on an empty stomach.  (Includes: Pop, Apple Juice and Powerade.)

Ok, those are my five tips this week for eating for a sensitive stomach.  :)

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