Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Neighbors and Banana Bread

Ok, so we moved into our new apartment last weekend.  (As you probably already know by now...  :))  So, my hubby and I were unpacking boxes last Sunday when we heard someone knock on the door.  We answered it to find a couple who lives a couple down and banana bread.  They baked us some banana bread and brought it over to welcome us to the neighborhood.  Isn't that nice?  We've never had anyone do that for us before.  So that was a nice chance to also meet them and chat a bit. Turns out I knew them from a Church we had all gone to while I was in College.....goes to show that it's a small world I guess.  ;)

So, as you know, I like to cook and bake.  Last year when we moved I baked cookies and we went around meeting all the neighbors.  We've already met most of our neighbors already, but the ones directly above us, have really yet to be seen.  So, right now I am baking Banana Bread and we are going to go up and take it to them in a few.  (When it's done of course.)  :)  Funny note about it though...we had been moving some more things from our old place today, and then we went to a movie--"The Last Song", that we both really liked too!!!--and then we got home and I started to make the bread for our neighbors.  I was whipping it up when I realized I only had about 1 c. of all purpose flour left....annoying...and I am still not sure why my spare wasn't there....because I keep a spare just in case...I guess I got confused with the move or something though.  Anyway, my sweet hubs went down the street to the local grocer and picked me up some.  I didn't want to make a weird impression on our new neighbors by giving them Whole Wheat Banana yeah, he actually got me a 10# bag and I should be good to go for a while now.  :)  I obviously made it fine and it's about to be done in fact.  Just a random, funny story from my life.

Ok, just got back from taking the bread up and it was a hit!   It's a single dad of a little 2 year old girl and he is SUPER nice!  How encouraging.  I like nice epople.  I guess, who doesn't right?  It's just refreshing that there are some still around!  (Our last upstairs neighbors were not so nice at all....long story.)  Needless to say, we're SO glad to be living here!! :)  God is SO good!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!  It's sunny and beautiful here after being so rainy for the last few days.

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