Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving, Unpacking and lack of internet....

10:37am  Isn’t it interesting how we can hardly go a few days without internet now?  I remember the times before having internet…we weren’t so dependant on keeping in touch through computers.  We actually had to call people, write letters to send through the Post Office and look things up in a book.  Now, all of this technology has led to a decline in interpersonal communications and education because we don’t have to “talk” to people or even read a book.  We instant message, “Facebook” and google things….where did all the relationships go?  Where did all my time go?  Where did all the knowledge go?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the convenience of the internet and all of its glorious pages…web pages that is.  I just have had a lot of time to think lately, since we are moved and have had no internet since Saturday (but will hopefully get it today).  I have SO much time on my hands.  It’s interesting….I actually have time to sit down and talk to people face-to-face.  Something we quite frankly seldom do anymore it seems.  I also have plenty of time to unpack and decorate.  It’s just very interesting.

The actual down side that I haven’t been able to do much writing because of the lack of internet and therefore muse…  I think I have some great ideas for upcoming articles and foodie things too though.  I couldn’t be more happy with my new kitchen!  It’s roomy and seriously must have about twice the amount of cupboard space than our last apartment!  :)

I cannot wait to share more things that are on my mind…but it is more difficult because I cannot publish this right away.  So…I will wait till I have internet for sure to write more.  .  .

1:32pm  Or so I said a few hours ago.  I just tried out the local grocer down the street.  Their produce is a little pricier than the city, but their meat selection is fabulous and reasonable!  When was the last time you actually saw a chicken that said “FRESH” and knew it really was?!?!?  Sweet.  I didn’t buy one of those today, but I did buy some produce to try out my new gadget--I will talk about in a sec--and some steak that was about 2.50 a pound.  When is beef really ever that cheap?  It’s USDA Choice Beef too….awesome!  :)

Oh, on to my newest gadget!  I just bought the Bullet Express with my Birthday money!!  I am SO excited too!  Not only will I have a new device to make healthy food and juice with, I will also have a muse for my blog!  :)  I was very eager to try it out, so when I got home from my new fave grocer I cut up some produce and got started.  I definitely think there will be a bit of a learning curve to get juice and things the way I like them--and super loaded with vitamins, but I am already impressed!  It just pulverizes fruit and veggies and throws the peel, etc. into a different compartment.

So I tried some carrots and was amazed.  Then I put navel orange through and again amazed.  Then I had the silly idea of putting a banana in…well, just don’t try that at home.  It doesn’t make it into juice and it discarded all of it…. :(  So I wasted one banana in the process of juicing this afternoon.  No too bad I suppose for my first time though.  I also have decided that even though it says you can just cut the whole fruit up into 2”x2” pieces, that I should peel them--at least Oranges--the next time I do it.  So I did about 1 pound of carrots and 2 very large navel oranges, and mixed together.  I like the overall taste, and the fact that it is ridiculously full of vitamins and has no preservatives, etc….BUT  it kind of tastes like that white part under the peel of the orange.  So, that’s why I am going to peel oranges before I put them up and juice them next time!  :)  I will let you know how that goes next time too.

Never the less I am still super excited for my new kitchen gadget and you will defintley be hearing more about it in the coming weeks/months/years. :)

Internet, internet, where are thou internet?

Boxes, boxes, boxes….You know I hate moving, but I love the opportunity to go through things and find treasures from the past.  You know like your favorite stuffed animal from your childhood, or maybe a funny little bookmark.  Yesterday I found little “Happy Birthday” books for both my hubby and me in a box.  You know the kind I am talking about right?  They say:  “Happy Birthday April 15th”   Or whatever your birthday date is and then inside are all these things that happened on your birthday in history and stuff.  Pretty sweet. Just some random notes in my head .  .  .

4:00pm  UPS just dropped off the modem startup kit.  Equals a happy foodie!!  (Soon to have internet again…)

6:32pm  My hubs just set up the internet!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!  I should be back to blogging and keeping up with everything on the internet in no time!  Hope everyone is doing well.  I heard it through the grapevine that a loyal reader just made calzones using my recipe!  So, thanks for reading and let’s all go whip up something delicious in the kitchen!  :)

PS  I got that great deal on steak today at the local grocer and used a peppery dry rub on it.  Then I cooked it to perfection on my Foreman Grill.  I also just made some Rice-A-Roni for the side.  (Not the most healthy meal ever….but I’m still unpacking my life…so that’s as good as it got tonight!)  We really enjoyed the steak!  I think I am going to have to get some more of them!  I hope they were grass fed cows though…I don’t want to become a corn person.  :(


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