Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Eggs

Oh and I had to boil 6 more the next day because all the other ones were gone  :)

Well, Easter is just around the corner! So we had to make sure to dye some eggs. :) I didn't feel like buying a "PAAS" kit to dye them this year. . . so I just used the food coloring I had and made up the recipe on the box. Easy enough huh? They even had directions for different fun colors like: Raspberry, Teal and Sunset Orange. I made Teal, Raspberry, Yellow and Blue colors to dip the eggs in. My hubs and I just dyed 6 eggs, it's just the two of us. (♫We can make it on our own...♫) The colors turned out pretty well and quite vivid. Fun memories of our childhoods too. . .

Oh by the way, have you ever used an "Eggtimer"? They are the greatest thing ever. You just boil your water, put the eggs and timer in and when the timer turns all black the eggs are perfectly hard boiled! I love mine. Just a random tip! :)

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