Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick Meals

Who says that Impromtu meals can't be just as fabulous as the well planned and prepared ones? Well, I guess that's just kind of an obvious answer....but still, just because you are busy with life doesn't mean that you have to eat Ramen or go out to eat when you only have 20 minutes to prepare a meal. Granted, this does take some prep work on the front end.

I like to keep meatballs, diced ham and others things like that in the freezer for quick meals. Then I can grab a bag of meat balls to throw in some sauce and viola it's dinner. :) Same thing with the ham, but instead of sauce for spaghetti, put it in a pan with eggs and some potatoes and you made yourself a "skillet" from Village Inn at home!

Anyway, today I had some time because I am going through boxes and packing because we move in about a week. So, I grabbed some frozen chicken breasts out of the freezer, thawed them in the sink and cooked them. Now I am going to cut them up and make chicken salad for dinner. I think we will have the chicken salad on beds of lettuce with some focaccia bread from last night on the side. There, it's a great dinner, that didn't cost an arm and a leg and didn't take hours to make! Just took a little bit of planning. But really, I could have done it even quicker. Just an idea....let me know what your favorite quick meals are at home! :)

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