Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday . . . :)

10:15am  Writing…why lately have I been able to sit down and write so easily?  I’m not saying I am a regular “Ernest Hemmingway” or “Jane Austen"  or anything.  It’s just that I have had some time to myself.  Time to think.  Time to sit at my computer and contemplate.  And time to write.  Usually when I have assignments I can have a hard time coming up with anything until the deadline is nearly here.  These last few days, I guess it’s mostly been since we moved last Saturday, I have been able to just write though.  Again, not that it is necessarily anything profound or anything…it’s just interesting.

Right now, it’s 10:17am on Monday morning and I am at the Laundromat doing our laundry.  I think I might actually get used to not have my own washer/dryer and getting to do it all at a Laundromat.  The best part is the fact that I can get it all done in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Unheard of at home right?  We used to have the tiniest washer at our old place.  It looked like a 1.5’ deep bundt pan.  Yep, the cake pan.  Crazy huh?  We were doing laundry constantly.  Literally every night we would have to through things in.  Luckily, I have a very sweet husband, who helped me a lot with laundry, especially with that tiny washer!  He’s even helped me a bit here at our new place, which is nice.  I am doing it by myself today though.  Not a huge deal…or feat, but I will have to post a pic of the laundry contraption I made so I can bring it over here.  It’s super close to our apartment, which is nice….yet I wish I could just drive it over.  I would feel guilty since it’s SO close….and my contraption only fell apartment twice on the way over this morning….I may have to make it a more permanent solution though.

Well, it’s 10:20am and I think it’s about time to switch my things over.

Ok, it’s about 10:30am and I am back.  Funny thing, just happened too.  So I was supposed to Sub today but my job got cancelled kind of last-minute last night.  Which is fine, things happen right?  Ok, so I was kind of hoping I would get a call this morning since I had already planned on working today.  No such luck.  ( I hate the work luck…it’s just the only one that works there…)  Then I just put my laundry in the dryer and get a call.  For a job to start now, which obviously does’t work because I have laundry in the dryers and all.  AND it was in my district.  Crazy…oh well….I mean they like SO seldom call me it’s ridiculous.  I guess their sub pool is overflowing or something…but then I get a call and can’t take it.  Oh well.  I did really need to do laundry today anyway.   And there are A LOT of boxes that still need to be unpacked.  Isn’t that just life though?  Either way, I’ll praise the Lord! Right?

“We’ll praise Him when we win, and we’ll praise Him when we lose.”  Can you name that movie?

It’s from “Facing the Giants”.  Love that movie.  So good and SO true!  My hubs and I just watched it again the other night.  It just really rings so true in my life right now too.  I will praise Him no matter what happens.

12:00pm  I am home, well have been for a while, with clean laundry and I just ate lunch.  I made pasta Primavera with ½ whole grain rotini, 1 c. mixed veggies, 1 t. olive oil and about ½ T. parmesan cheese.  Yum.  I also made enough for some more lunches this week.  I love to just be able to grab something out of the freezer and heat it up.

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

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