Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well, it has sure  been quite a week already.  (And it's only Wednesday....)  Not all bad, but certainly not all good either.  I just made up this word "foodlings" to represent food ramblings.  So, keep an eye out for it from now on!  ;)

Anyway, hope everything is going well for the most part where you are.  I'm just constantly reminded that we are here on this earth for a purpose and am trying to live each day to the fullest.  As we never know which will be our last.

Since it's been a bit of a crazy week, I have managed to get dinner on the table each night.  (Which is more than I can say about every night typically.)   I just haven't been too creative or inventive this week.  In fact, the menu has been downright pretty boring.  But it's food.  It's somewhat balanced.  And it's cheaper than eating out.  :)  I made homemade pizza Monday night, whole wheat pasta and sauce Tuesday and homemade brick oven style pizza for dinner tonight.  Some of the cheapest meals I make, and they are downright tasty even though they are quite boring...  :)  Did I mention pizza is definitely one of my favorite foods though?!?!

Anyway, I guess part of the best part of these meals this week is that they all can be made with things in your pantry basically.  Flour, Yeast, Sauce (canned....), cheese (not in the pantry but it stays good for a long time if it hasn't been opened), meat toppings (especially in freezer, like diced ham!), and water (found in the tap not the pantry...but you get the idea!).

Anyway, once I get some more motivation or inspiration I will create some new fun things in the kitchen I will let you know! :)  Till's some food for thought...

Try cooking bacon on your Foreman works pretty well and drains the fat away!  :)  Plus, there are virtually no bacon grease splatters! :)


  1. I'm sorry, I must insist that pizza is not boring!

  2. Well thanks. I don't really think it is either. But I'm sure someone that's why I stated it like that. :)


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