Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bean Soup

Here's a hearty, healthy soup for ya!  It's a soup you can eat with a fork!  Yum.....  :)  Just in time for cooler weather!

Bean Soup:
2 c. Bean Soup Mix (like from Whole Foods' bulk section, etc...)
5 c. Water
2 t. Dried Onion Flakes
1/2 t. Chili Powder
1/2 t. Salt
1/2 t. Pepper
1/4 t. Paprika
1/4 t. Garlic Powder
1 t. Olive Oil
Pinch Oregano
Pinch Chili Flakes
 (Optional:  Slice of cooked bacon, broken up)
6-8oz. Small, Thin Noodles (or broken up thin spaghetti)

1.  Put the beans and water in a large pot, and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to med-low for about 90 minutes.
2.  Mix together the rest of the ingredients except the noodles and add to the pot while it is simmering.
3.  After the soup has simmered for 90 minutes, add the noodles, stir them in and boil for about 10 minutes.  It will be thick after the noodles cook.

Serve and enjoy!  For a different twist you can use broth instead of water and add chicken or beef to this soup! 


  1. Do you use dry beans that have been pre-soaked?

  2. I've never had to pre-soak them. It probably depends what type of beans you use though. Any of the mixs of "bean soup" at Whole Foods don't need to be pre-soaked. Other than that, I couldn't tell ya. Sorry! :)


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