Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Another item that's not rocket science....but I thought I would include it here as a reference for you all!  :)

This is a very customizable recipe too, because if you like sweeter lemonade just add more sugar.  If you like it stronger add less water.  Weaker add more water... etc.  :)
What you'll need:

1.  Squeeze the lemons and remove seeds. (You can also remove pulp if desired.)
2.  In a bowl, jug or pitcher combine 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part sugar and 4-6 parts water.  (So the "part" can be anything you want, like a teaspoon, cup, quart, etc....)  
 3.  Stir lemonade a little more just to make sure all the sugar is dissolved!
Chill to serve later, or serve over ice right away!  You can also add a piece of lemon to the glass for an added touch!  

Enjoy!!!  :)  Tastes like a cup full of sunshine!

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