Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Confessions of an Absentminded Foodie

So, tonight I was going to do a recipe post about a true to the south, finger licking good, cheesy broccoli casserole.  I had done all the prep this afternoon with pics along the way and it looked fantastic.  In fact, it even tasted fantastic.  (from the snitch I grabbed to ensure the final product would delight)  Anyway, I stuck it in the fridge for an hour or so, until I was going to cook it.  I got it out of the fridge, set it on the stove, preheated the oven and went about my business.

I had the car today, so I went to pick up the hubs from work and was telling him about the wonderful dinner we had waiting for us at home.  (Side note:  I usually don't leave things cooking/baking at home when I leave, but I thought this one time it would be fine...)  Anyway, we walk in the door to our place and I immediate go to the kitchen to pull out our delectable dinner.  (Like that alliteration?)  Only to find that I never got it in the oven.  :(  Sad day right?!?

So, since it had been out of the fridge (and not in the oven) for over an hour by that point, I decided that it was just about the perfect temperature to bread bacteria and other possibly bad things...especially since this casserole had milk and cheese in it...  So, sadly, my beautiful, yummy creation found its way into the trash and not into our tummies.  :(  I was seriously so disappointed and mad at myself over the whole silly thing too!

It was all ok though, because my sweets took me to dinner at Moe's--that great Southwestern Grill, that we'd eaten at last month.  So, at least we did get a good dinner out of it.  Moe's is a lot like Chipotle or Qdoba but with more of a Southwestern flair.  But still....I am bummed about that whole situation in my kitchen!  I guess I mostly just feel like it shouldn't happen to me of all people!  But....  Que Sera!  :)


  1. I would have given it 2 hours out of the fridg before I tossed it... :(

  2. Oh.... Well I was kind of going off what I learned from the coffee shop with the soups, etc. I maybe could have used it if it had just been out of the fridge...but it was on the stove and slightly warmed from the oven being on...so I didn't want to risk it this close to Thanksgiving either. Next time I may give it more time though...or hopefully not do this again! Thanks

  3. A donut...I mean cupcake will make you feel better.


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