Friday, June 4, 2010

Hawaiian Haystacks or Colorado Haystacks?

I think I have decided my favorite food just may have to be Hawaiian Haystacks.  Have you had them?  They are just delicious!  :)  Oh, and SO versatile.  This year for Easter my mom had these delights.  She gave lots of options for the additional goodies and they are just fantastic.  I've also had them before that, but it wasn't until tonight that I decided they are at least one of my faves...if not my very fave!

I think they are fantastic because there are SO many options.  I would put a recipe here, but really you don't need much of one.  There are a few main ingredients though.  Sweet and Savory things, with chicken over rice.  So you need rice.  You need some type of a thin chicken gravy (you can definitely add in veggies to it too).  Then you need lots of toppings.  Think fruit, other veggies, nuts, cheese...really whatever you feel like and/or have on hand!

Ok, I will tell you what I put on our "Colorado Haystacks" as I called them tonight.  Brown rice, thin chicken gravy with onions, carrots and celery, fruit cocktail (the only canned fruit I had in the pantry), honey toasted walnuts (did them myself with a touch of honey and a skillet), and fresh grated coconut.  I didn't get a picture of them because we devoured them pretty quickly...and I know what you may be thinking about the fruit cocktail, but it went together just nicely.  :)  I even got some leftovers from dinner (a rarity in my household because my hubby usually bikes to work and is a hungry man! :)) So, I may be able to get a pic of it soon for ya.  ;)

Anyway, get creative with dinners and remember you almost always have time to whip something yummy up for dinner.  And if not, remember that Subway is still doing the $5 footlongs.  :)  (Yep, we sadly eat there for dinner more than I'd like to admit....but it is a great deal!)  Oh, and this is a dinner you can do completely from your pantry too!  Canned fruit, dried onions, rice, canned get the idea.  :)

Ok, I think that's all for now.  Enjoy!

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