Friday, June 25, 2010

Pasta Salad

You know, pasta salads are a nice for summer and also a good way to get creative with veggies.  So I like to experiment with them and sometimes I throw them up here.  :)  So here's what I made yesterday.  A little different than what you normally see in a pasta salad, but still delicious and nutritious!  :)  This is also one of those dished that you can make really, super easily!  For instance just cook a little extra pasta when you are going to have it for dinner.  Then measure it and set aside for the next night's pasta salad.  (That's what I just did this week...)

1 c. cooked whole wheat small shells

1 c. cooked small shells

1 c. broccoli chopped

1 sweet bell pepper chopped

2 T. Italian dressing

Just mix all these 5 ingredients together and that's it!  Enjoy!  (Serve refrigerated.)  You could always add diced ham, cheese or turkey too.  :)

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