Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fresh, and Freezing

So, today it's about 50 degrees and rainy.  So, translated, that is cold and rainy.  Good for the crops, bad for the rivers that are already overflowing though...Maybe we are finally really out of the drought though.

Anyway, my hubby is working hard in the lab today.  So, I should be doing laundry...but walking or even driving the little ways there and getting all my clothes wet doesn't really sound appealing today.  Maybe it will later...or maybe it will just have to wait until the rain subsides. :) (Which would clearly be fine with me!)

I actually had two firsts happen today.  I guess firsts still happen everyday...jsut some are a lot more apparent than others! :)  1.  I went to the Farmer's Market by myself.  and 2.  I went in the pouring, freezing cold rain.  I found some great deals, as always though!  So that makes me happy!  I am going to do some cooking and experiementing today instead of...well laundry.  :)  Which makes me a happier camper all around. :)    I had taken a $20 with me today, but ended up only spending less than 10.  Here's what I got:

A bunch of Cilantro, 2 Sweet Bell Peppers, 2 Zucchini, some Broccoli and a huge head of Green Leaf Lettuce!  I actually got all this for $5!  And the best part is truly that is was locally grown.  Love it. :)

Then I also had to buy some of this pasta.  It's Sweet Potato Fettuccine and just delicious.  They have all sorts of different types of pastas and different flavors.  We tried this one last summer and just loved it.  So I got some more, and they also gave a recipe with it.  So I will have to let you know how it turns out. :) You can see they also have a website:  Anyway, I buy the smaller packs, which are 8oz. as opposed to the 16 oz. since I only cook for two.  The 8oz. packages are $4.25.  Rather expensive I know...but totally worth it.  :)

Then after I had gotten home I was photographing my finds and my cat was doing this.....

I know...she looks innocent enough in this picture...but do you notice the seat cushion that had been and should be on the chair she's sitting on?!?!?  Yep.  She pushed it off and made herself at home.  LOL  Silly Cinderellie!  :)

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