Friday, May 21, 2010

Make a Frappe at Home

Alright, if you are like me, you probably enjoy a nice frozen coffee drink from time to time.  They sure add up though at $4 a pop.  So, I am experimenting with making them at home.  Today I made one, and it turned out quite delicioso!  So here's the recipe:

Vanilla Frappe:

1 part cool coffee
1 part vanilla ice cream
1 part milk (I used 1%, but any would work just great.)
2 T. sugar

1.  Choose desired cup you'd like to drink your frappe out of.
2.   Then measure how many ounces it holds.  (Easiest way is to fill with water and then pour into measuring cup.)
3.  Measure out the ingredients.  So if it's a 12 ounce cup, do 4 oz coffee, about 4 oz ice cream and 4 oz milk.
4.  Pour those ingredients into the blender.
5.  Then fill the cup up with ice and pour that into the blender as well.
6.  Blend to perfection.  :)

The texture probably won't be as wonderful as Starbucks, McDonalds or where ever else you usually buy them because our home blenders are nothing compared to the professional ones.  But it still will satisfy.   I pretty much promise! :)  Oh, and you will have some extra but it's a bonus, or some to share with someone else!  :)

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