Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy, long, fun day

Ok, I got to sub for Music again today.  I really do think it's the most fun when I get to sub in my subject area.  Which I realize must sound silly.  But you know what I mean...

Anyway, I just bought some cute new dress pants from Kohl's last week and got to wear them for the first time today.  Ok, let me back up a minute.  I am 5'3.5" tall.  Ok, to be honest.  I round to 5'4" tall.  So I am a petite size.  But I still have the hardest time finding pants that are short enough.  Strange I know, because I every other person besides me in my family has the opposite problem.  You know, they can't find ones that are long enough.  Well, take the extra length off mine!  Just kidding...if only that could work...  Ok, back to the new pants.  So I tried them on at Kohl's and they fit great, even the length seemed to be fine.  They even came with a super cute little belt.  I bought them and they were on sale.  Although, I am pretty convinced there is never a time where you have to buy things at regular price at Kohl's.

Ok, sorry, I know I get distracted with details.  .   . I put my pants on this morning and put on my shoes and they are WAY too long.  Like if I had left with those shoes on my pants would have holes in them after today.  So, I just grabbed a pair of heels to wear with them instead.  Although these heels are some I always, only wear with dresses and hose.  So when I tried to wear them with socks it didn't work.  So, since I didn't have time to dig and try to find knee highs I just wore them without socks.  Mistake #1. No socks.

Ok, so I was working today at an Elementary school.  I had to stand and walk around all day, which isn't out of the ordinary as a sub (or teacher for that matter).  But when you have heels on, you notice every minute you are on my feet and so do your feet.  So, when I finally thought I may have a chance to sit for a while I realized I had outside after school duty.  No prob right?  Well....except for the fact that I had these heels on with no socks and had to walk 2 blocks to the crosswalk I needed to help kiddos across with my little stop sign.  Yep.  So I had to walk down there and when I came to a limping stop I decided to look at the damage.  You guessed it.  A HUGE bloody mess all over my foot.  Next to the achilles tendon and near the top of where the shoe hits.  Ouchy Wawa.  I about died when I saw the blood...but there wasn't anything I could do about it then. So I helped the kids across the street and prayed it would quit hurting.  I managed to make my way back to the building safely...but my feet were just killing me.  Mistake #2. Walking WAY too far in heels with no socks.

Mistake #3.  Not having back up shoes in my car.

Mistake #4.  Not having bandaids/ointment in my car either.

Luckily, I was working in the town where my parents happen to live.  So after work, I limped my way to my car and drove delicately to their house.  There my mom fed me cheese and crackers, bandaged my wound and sent me on my merry way home.  :)

As you may be able to tell...I am in a silly mood tonight.  I think it was the combo of a crazy day, painful foot, caring Mom and sweet hubby.  :)  I am so thankful for my family. <3


  1. Yikes, hope the feet feel better soon. That sounds it will be painful for a few days.

  2. Thanks. :) It's healing but still painful. Good thing I have a lot of backless shoes around.


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