Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh Eggs and Grass fed Beef

Ok, so another thing I love about now living in a small town is that there are cool thigns here you can't get just anywhere.  Like, just down the road there is a farmer who sells free range eggs/poultry and grass fed beef.  Great huh?  They also offer little tours of their farm.  I think I will have to take them up on that sometime soon...

So I picked up my first dozen eggs from them today.  I knew they would be fresh...but not this fresh.  I actually got to go out to the hen house with the guy to get them.  Cool...and terrifying at the same time.  The chickens were all around and I had flip flops on.  Yep, I am the crazy city girl who wears flip flops to a working farm...I know.  But come on.  I am new to this all.  :)  Anyway, they have upwards of 100 chickens (and of course some are roosters) on their farm.  They are basically grass fed chickens then too.  Because they have sweet little chicken houses out in the pasture for them and they move them around everyday.  (So then the chickens can equally "mow the lawn".  My joke not his..if you were wondering!) :)

Anyway, they are $3 a dozen for the eggs, and really who can beat THAT for fresh eggs?  Well...I guess if you own chickens and they are free...anyway, great deal for hormone free, cage free, antibiotic free eggs. :)

Oh, he was going to wash off the eggs for me, but then said they were quite clean anyway.  I said that was ok.  Then he told me that they stay fresh longer if the film is still on them. Interesting fact I never knew.  Nor did I probably need to either though.  :)

Who needs dyed easter eggs when you can have these?  ;)

The beef they sell ranges from $5 to $20 a lb or so depending on the cut, etc.  So, I am going to hold off buying any of that just yet.  I want to.  I just have to see how that will work with our monthly grocery budget.  Although, health is worth it. Still crunching numbers though. :)

Any thoughts?

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