Friday, May 21, 2010


If you love bruschetta, then you should try making it at home.  Super easy, delicious and healthy!  :)  Gotta love when those three are in the same sentence right?

So what you'll need:

Roma Tomatoes

Basil (Fresh is best!)

Red Onion

Italian Dressing (Vinagrettes will work too)

Now the bruschetta is actually all up to you, and your preferences.  So if you really like basil put a ton in.  If you really like onion add lots of that.  Or if you like a nice balance dice up the tomatoes and add small amounts of the other things until it tastes "right" to you!

Enjoy!  :)  I love this stuff, and make it year round.  But I especially love it in the summer when I can go out to my little garden and pick fresh basil to put in it.  :)

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