Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Day Post

 "My funny valentine.  Sweet, comic valentine; who makes me smile with my heart..."  ~Frank Sinatra, Funny Valentine
Here's a guide to practically everything you'll need to ensure your and your sweetie have a memorable St. Valentine's Day.  This post contains:  breakfast, desserts and some decor for the big heart day that's just around the corner!  <3  So whether you like it simple or more complex--there should be something here for ya!  :)

Make someone's heart melt with these cute brownies!  <3
 Just make your favorite brownies, then when you are ready to serve cut a heart shape out of the middle of a little paper plate. (below)  Then hold the heart over each brownie and sift powdered sugar over it.  Super cute right?  And super easy! :)  

Chocolate Crescents. Simple and yummy.

 Chocolate Fondue.  Yum-O!  :)  or cheese fondue too.

Or you could just make chocolate dipped strawberries.

Crepes.  A definite fave in our house.  :)  Great for breakfast or dessert!

 Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Red and chocolate?  Perfect!  :)  Top these off with heart sprinkles. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispie Treats  Chocolate and PB? Sweet!  These would be super cute cut out as hearts! <3

Chocolate Candies, etc....

Buckeyes.  Now Chocolate and really, really creamy peanut butter?  Yum.

Chocolaty treats you can make....yum :)

Heart Napkins/centerpiece/runner

And here's a little something in case you two cuddle up by the fire.  :)  Hot Chocolate Williams-Sonoma Style.

Or how about a Valentine's Pizza?  You could either by a heart shaped one like this from Papa Murphy's or make one at home!  :)

Hope these ideas and recipes help you to have a great and memorable Valentine's Day this year!  Happy Valentine's Day!!  I love my readers!!!  :)  Here are more dessert recipes.


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