Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 5

So on Friday August 17th we were going to go up to the family cabin with my parents for the weekend.  RS didn’t get off work until 5pm, so my parents headed up to the cabin earlier in the afternoon, and RS was going to pick me up after he got off work.  He finally gets to my parent’s house to pick me up at about 6pm and I’m all ready to go.  But he grabs his guitar and comes inside.

I say, “RS let’s go and just grab a bite to eat on the way out of town.”

RS says, “I’ve been working on this song, and I want to play it for you.”


“Yes.  It won’t take long.  I promise.”

“Ok.” I said reluctantly, and we went inside.

So, he sits down and starts the song.  It gets to the lyrics and I start wonder if he knows what that song is about.  I’m thinking about how embarrassing it was going to be to break it to him about the meaning of the song.  It goes… “I’ve gotta feelin’, my head’s a reelin’, my heart is screamin’, I’m about to bust loose. Bottled up emotion, it’s more than a notion, it starts with an “I” and ends with a “U”. I’ve got a feelin’, are you feelin’ it too?”

So, he gets through the song, and does a very good job despite being nervous!  Then he says, “It’s true.  I love you.”  I want to say I was shocked, not because I didn’t feel that way but because I did feel that way.  I was just surprised he said it then.  It was great though, and I always wanted a man who would sing to me.  So, I wrapped my arms around his neck and said “I love you too!” in a very excited tone.

I guess looking back, I was the naïve one.  Not him.  LOL  : )

After that, we grabbed my things and threw them (and his guitar) in his Jeep and headed up to the cabin.  We made it there at about 10pm, and my parents stayed up to greet us.  While the guys were bringing the luggage in, I snuck into the kitchen with my mom to tell her that he’s loves me.  She actually didn’t seem to surprised.  But, then again, Moms are just that good right? She probably already knew.

We had a great weekend at the cabin and in the mountains.  The four of us went walking, hiking and more hiking.  We went up to one of our (my family’s) usual spots back behind the cabin, and also to a special longer hike that oversees a beautiful reservoir.  We took lots of photos and spent a lot of quality time together.  My parents also got to know RS better which was nice.

On Sunday we headed back down to our jobs, and on our way back we stopped at RS’s parent’s house to meet them.  I was a little nervous to meet his parents, but it went really well.  They were very welcoming and we got to get to know each other some.  RS’s sister and her boyfriend came over too, so I got to meet them.  It was nice to be able to put some faces to names of people who had known RS for so long and were such an important part of his life.

To be continued....

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