Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 4

When a neighborhood Security Guard--who happens to live across the street from my parents--stops his car in the middle of the street, gets out and says “Hello”.

 To which I respond bashfully, “Hi”.

Then he realized I lived there, and he said, “Oh, sorry, there usually aren’t people out here around this time of the night.”

And then I said, “Sorry, he was just walking me to the door, we just started dating.”

I died a little at that moment.  In fact, so did Rocket Scientist.  Embarrassing?  Yes.  But also memorable, I suppose.  : )

Anyway, for the record, I think it was only about midnight.  It wasn’t that late.  Rocket Scientist walked me the rest of the way to the door and stole another little kiss.  Still magical.  I went inside, and giggled like a school girl when I told my Mom he’d kissed me.

By the time it was the weekend, we were excited to see each other again.  Rocket Scientist had a great morning/afternoon planned on Saturday and we also had plans in the evening with some of my co-workers.  He picked me up bright and early Saturday morning and we headed up to Storm Mountain which is a rather difficult (it’s actually rated difficult) four-wheeling (aka Jeeping) trail on the way up to Estes Park.

Let me give you all some more background on me.  I grew up in Colorado and my family has four wheeled since before I was born.  My parents always have had an off-road capable vehicle like:  an original bronco, Wagoneer, Wrangler or Blazer.  And when we were kids (well, actually still up to the present) they’d take us four wheeling. It’s a great way to get out and see parts of Colorado and the mountains.  You can see things when you are four wheeling that some people only see in magazines.  It’s amazing.  Scary at times (for me, the chicken passenger), but amazing.  : )  So when I heard that RS liked four wheeling--or even knew what it actually was--that was some major brownie points with me and my parents!

Anyway, we four wheeled through beautiful mountain meadows and wooded areas before making it to the peak of Storm Mountain.  The view from there was amazing.  RS took the backseat out of the jeep and set it on the ground so we’d have a bench to eat our picnic lunch on.  We took another pic of us and the whole view behind us while we were up there.

This four wheeling trip wasn’t the first time I’d been riding in RS’s Jeep, but it was that day I realized he was a great driver.  Respectful of laws, wasn’t aggressive, but was definitely a defensive driver.  When we were done eating lunch we hiked a tad and then headed down to town and cleaned up a bit before we went to our other plans.

Once we were ready, we went over to my boss’ house for her annual barbecue.  RS got to meet my boss as well as some other coworkers and friends.  We had a great time at the barbecue and RS got along famously with everyone.  (Not that there is anyone in the whole world, he wouldn’t get along with well.)  He’s just a likeable guy.  A nice guy.  A wonderful guy.  You get the picture.

On Wednesday we had another date in the middle.  We ate dinner at Chick-fil-A (love that place!) and we went to Wal-Mart to do a little shopping.  RS had this cute little idea for me to randomly pick out a movie out of the $5 bin and so I did.  I picked “AI” or Artificial Intelligence, which I’d never seen, but he had.  He got it and then we went back to that coffee shop of our first date and watched it on his laptop.  He even brought two sets of headphones for it.  Clever date idea right?  We sipped caffeinated drinks and watched an interesting movie.

Then we had a fun filled weekend planned.

To be continued….

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