Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 2

While were walking around, talking and getting to know each other.  Something started rocket Scientist on the subject of Stainless Steel.  I don’t remember what started it, but that night, our very first date ever, I learned all about stainless steel.  How strong it is.  How it actually gets stronger as it heats up, etc…   At first, I thought it was so random that he was talking about it, but then I realized just how endearing he is.  It’s more than just those eyes.  It’s just him.  Rocket Scientist.  He’s great.  He could give a talk on just about anything and make it interesting.  He’s so smart, yet down to earth.  He’s so enthusiastic, he reminds me of myself.  (Not in a weird way though.)

Another thing we talked about that night was which groups we were in while we were at CSU and who we were friends with.  It was interesting because we actually had been in the same groups as each other.  And we had a lot of mutual friends.  Slackers of friends though huh?  Just kidding.  It’s cool to know what God’s timing was for us meeting.  Although, we did find out that we actually met for the very first time back in the Fall of 2002 at a broomball game.

So, after we had walked around for a while, we decided that we were hungry.  So we went over to “On the Border” to get something to eat.  To be honest, I wasn’t really very hungry at all.  So either that was because of the latte I’d had at Barnes and Noble or the fact that my stomach (and heart) had little butterflies swirling around.  Rocket Scientist asked if we should just start with an appetizer and I agreed.  So I just let him order.  He really liked their empanadas, so he got those for us.

Then as he ordered I read about the fillings in the empanadas…and they were filled with ground beef and chicken.  Unfortunately it was too late to change the order--ok maybe it wasn’t, but I was too bashful to say anything.  So I just smiled and ate them.  Very slowly.  It wasn’t until date 4 or 5 that I actually mentioned that I really don’t eat ground beef….  It was all ok though, I obviously survived, and now it’s a funny little story.  I recommend ordering for yourself on the first date though.  Unless of course, you aren’t a picky eater. : )

At some point in the restaurant, I went to the restroom.  Not because I needed to use it, but I needed a chance to text my Mom about how the date was going.  And, all I stated was something like…. “he’s great”.  It wasn’t until later that I got to thinking about the significance of those little words.

We finished up the food and headed to our vehicles.  When we got to my Explorer he asked (cute huh?) if he could hug me.  Of course I said yes, and he did.  It was a good hug, not to long, not to short.  Not to tight, not awkward.  Just nice.  Then he made sure to ask me if we could see each other again, and (of course) I was happy to oblige. ;)

Our first date had been on a Wednesday and then we had our second date on the following Saturday.  Rocket Scientist asked me to dress up for our second date, but I didn’t know for what was the occasion.  I wore one my very favorite dresses, that’s a knee-length wrap dress with a black and white floral design.  He picked me up {at my parent’s house because that’s where I was living} and he got to meet my mom.

He then drove me to the Old High School in Fort Collins, where we had a picnic of spaghetti and meatballs he’d made.  He brought a blanket for us to sit on, and everything was perfect except, if I’d known we’d be sitting on the ground I probably wouldn’t have worn a dress…but it was ok since it was knee length.  A girl just has to be creative, and lady-like. : )

Dinner was good, and then he let me know that we had tickets to the play that night.  The play was Scapin, and it was put on by CSU in the Center for the Performing Arts at the Old Fort Collins High School building.  The play was great too!  They even had members of the audience participate.  My sweet Rocket Scientist was chosen and did a great job.  It was fun to see another facet of his personality on the stage that night.

After the play we went downtown to my favorite coffee shop.  We had to park a few blocks away, and as soon as we got out of the car he grabbed my hand.  My butterflies returned at that point.  So, there we were, walking down a street that I’d walked down so many times before that night.  But this time, it was different.  I was holding the hand of this amazing man, who I was starting to fall in love with.

By the time we got to the coffee shop, I was pretty much completely on cloud nine.  I could hardly order because, I was, just, so, amazed.  In shock.  In awe.  You know, that feeling where you couldn’t be happier?  Absolutely couldn’t ask for anything more in that exact moment?  Yep, this was one of those.  We got our coffee and sat down on the lone loveseat in the middle of the room.  We just sat there, holding hands, talking until our coffee was gone.  It was great.  In fact, that was probably the best latte I’ve ever had.  Although I couldn’t tell you what flavor it was.  In fact, I think it was hot chocolate.

We walked back to the Jeep and Rocket Scientist drove me the hour drive home.  When we were almost all the way to my parent‘s house, he got a little nervous by then in a sweet calm voice. Grasping my hand tighter, he told me his intentions.  While I don’t remember exactly what words he used, they were perfect.  Something like “I’d like to see you from now on.”  It wasn’t cheesy or trite.  It was perfect.  Like something out of a great old movie.  That moment, I definitely knew I was really falling in love with him.  And I’m assuming was feeling the same way about me.

To be continued….

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