Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Artichokes with Lemon Butter

Well, I mentioned that I just got some of the cutest little veggies last night!  Well, you're right, they were these little artichokes!  :)  I was at Kroger and you could either get one regular size artichoke for $3 OR this little box of a bunch of baby ones for the same price!  So....of course I ended up with these.  :)  I had a hankering for something French and out of Julia's book, so I did her artichokes with lemon butter.  And they did sure please!  It was my first time eat an artichoke like that.  Before I'd only ever had them on pizza or in dips.  So this was a first.  But as for my sweet hubby, it wasn't his first.  In fact, I just found out tonight that he loves artichokes.  So, this was a major hit with him!  :)  You can find these two recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking on pages 425 (Artichokes) and 98 (Lemon Butter Sauce).  And I'll post  my adventure below....  :)

Baby Artichokes in package.
So adorable right?
Washed them off, peeled some leaves, cut off the tips and stem.

The beginning of a very beautiful (and tasty) thing!  :)  Lemon Butter.
Did I mention I just love her cookbook, and the whole layout?
My finished product.   Yum!
Thanks Julia! ;)

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