Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 9

After we got back to Colorado, our lives pretty much went back to normal.  Well, the new normal that was.  My Mom and I started right away on the wedding plans, and managed to get everything in line (and those things that needed reserving, reserved) for our favorite date!  7 has been my favorite number for what seems like forever.  I’m not sure if it has to do with it being God’s perfect number or just my “lucky” number.  But I love it.  So that’s why the 7th was the perfect Saturday.  They say that you are a bride for life if you marry in June, so that’s why we picked June--just kidding, but that works right?!  And, lastly we wanted it to be in the summer of 2008 since we got engaged in the Fall of 2007.  So, 6-7-08 was only natural.  Everything was falling into place just perfectly! : )

RS had a conference in Sante Fe, NM shortly after we got back from California, so he was gone for a few days.  Then my parents and I had planned a trip after I graduated to go to Disney World for a week and a half at the beginning of November.  So, from the end of October to the middle of November RS and I only saw each other for one little date between his trip and mine.

My parents and I had a fantastic time while we were in Florida.  We visited all of the parks in Disney World at least once, and also visited both coasts of FL.  We also toured the Kennedy Space Center--which was awesome!  Of course Disney World was full of fun and that whole trip was a great last big trip with my parents!  We took lots of photos and made so many memories together it was great. : )

When we got back from FL, RS met us at my parent’s house.  He got out of his Jeep and revealed a completely clean shaven version of himself.  Up until this point in our relationship I had never actually seen his face.  That may sound weird, but he’d had this very nice thick (but not too mountain man) beard until he shaved it when I was gone.

He thought he’d surprise me, and boy was I surprised!  It was such a pleasant surprise too!  Don’t get me wrong.  RS looks great with a manly beard.  But he even looks better without it!  In fact…I’m pretty sure he actually hasn’t grown it back more than once since…funny.  It was nice to really be able to see him too, after he shaved.  On a more personal note, it’s also a lot softer to kiss him when there’s not hair all over his face! : )

A few days later RS and I planned a time where our parents could meet.  Since our parents live about one and a half hours apart we picked somewhere in the middle to have lunch.  So, on Sunday November 18th (also my oldest sister’s birthday) RS’s parents met my parents.  We all had lunch at Cinzetti’s--this amazingly great Italian Marketplace Restaurant in Thornton, CO.  Great food was consumed and friends were made!

Then came the holidays….

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