Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 17 (Wedding Part III)

The Pastor pronounced us as husband and wife. Then RS kissed me, his bride.  : )  Then we turned to our guests and the Pastor announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Rocket Scientist.  Everyone clapped and we walked out to “How ‘bout them cowgirls” by Alan Jackson.  I don’t know when else I have ever smiled that much in my life, as when we walked down those steps and down that aisle.  : )

We went out to the foyer of the Church where we signed the Marriage License with our witnesses.  Then we took a little break with the rest of our wedding party before heading back in for the reception.  Meanwhile, our guests were watching the video we made of our lives. You know, the kind with photos from birth through college, then our relationship.  : )

Then it was time for the Jr. Bridesmaid and her groomsman to walk in.  The DJ announced them, as well as the rest of the bridesmaids/groomsmen.  Then it was time for us, again we were just beaming smiles from ear to ear when we were introduced as Mr. and Mrs.  : )

We sat down for a brief moment, before grabbing some of the food catered by Carino’s. We were the first through line, along with the rest of the wedding party followed by our families. We sat and ate, rather quickly, before we had our first dance to “Your Dreams” by Josh Turner.   (If you remember from a few chapters back, that song was the last one on the CD RS made for me for our one month anniversary. :)  It’s as if we were just floating around that dance floor.  It was great.

Then we had the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance after that, and we did it to “Stealing Cinderella” by Chuck Wicks.  I just love that song, btw.  So cute.  After that, we had the whole wedding party dance and tried to get others on the dance floor too.

Then RS and I made our way around the room to visit with all of our guests.  I am pretty sure that we actually made our way around to see everyone before they left, which was nice.  It was great to see some that we hadn’t in a while, and it was great to have everyone there to witness our special day!!

We danced some more, and I had to show off my boots some.  You know, when my Mom and I were shopping for shoes for the wedding she asked me what I thought was comfy.  I told her my favorite and most comfortable shoes I had were my cowboy boots. So, we set out to find some pink boots.  We did have to look at several places, but we found some that were comfy, cute and, of course, pink!  And yes, they are real cowgirl boots! :) The other perk is that I’ve been able to wear them since our wedding, unlike other wedding shoes.  So, naturally, I had to show them off a little! :)

To be continued….

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