Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 11

Overall, we had a great Christmas, and a great first Christmas together!  Over the course of the days between seeing each other RS and I would email and call each other.  But, after Christmas, RS’s emails were even sweeter than ever.  He’d write about how happy he was to be marrying me, and how he looked forward to our life together.  I still have all those emails, and as I was looking back through them recently one struck me again.  I think he’d written it after we’d had a disagreement (read: rather big huge blow up fight) and his words still just give me goose bumps.  So here’s an excerpt…. <3

“You, are the woman I want for my wife.  I've spent years searching, and I'm certain no one else will do!  When I gave you that ring, I meant it as a promise to marry you, and I intend to keep that promise. I know God will allow our relationship to be tested, and so refined. So I am confident He will finish the work He started in us, and our love will grow! I know it's quite a mouthful, but this is what I mean when I say "I love you.””

We continued with our usual mid-week date and then a date or two on the weekends.  We really enjoyed spending time together and it didn’t really seem to matter what we were doing, we were having fun.  Even the most simple of things were interesting with RS by my side.  Movies were better, flowers were more vibrant, smells were stronger….ok maybe not all that, but it does help when you have your best friend right beside you! : )

We were counting down the days till the big day, and just couldn’t wait to get married!  In fact, the big day was now only 5 months away.  Time seemed to be flying and standing still at the same time.

I’d been looking for a job since October 31st, when my Engineering Internship had come to an end at CDOT.  So, there I was with a Music degree but still so undecided about what I wanted to do.  All that changed in the middle of January when I got a phone call for an interview with the local School District.

The interview went really well, and the next day I got that wonderful call and job offer!  Of course I took it, and started the following week. The job was working as a Library Assistant in one of the local High Schools.

My first day went really well, and so did the first week.  The teachers were nice, the Librarian was great and the students were fun!  I had never before (and never again) read so much in my life, as I did for that job.  We were supposed to always be reading something, so that we’d have some new book to talk about.  I also just learned so much about the Dewey decimal system, books and people during my time there.  I don’t think I would have changed that opportunity for the world.  You know, I can actually say that about every job I’ve ever had.  But that’s another story… J

My Library Assistant job was for 30 hours a week, so I worked Monday thru Friday 6 hours a day.  It was pretty ideal for anytime in life, but especially when planning a wedding and all!  The contract period was just until May, and if I had the option I would have stayed longer because I grew to love that place, that library.  But, sadly, the discontinued the position, so that wasn’t even an option. : (

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