Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 8

As this shiny object got closer, I realized what it was.  A ring.  And not just any ring, a really, really gorgeous one, that was just what I wanted.  So it finally makes it way to me, and RS comes over.  He got down on one knee and told me how lucky he was to have found me.
Then, he asked me to marry him.  Of course I said “yes”!  And then I noticed that his best friend had been taking pictures of the whole process of the proposal.  Cute huh? : )  RS and I embraced and his friend took a few more photos of us.  That was a perfect moment.  I didn’t think I could ever be any happier! 10-20-07 was a very, very special day.  :)

Although I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get the ring off that string and on my finger, so I asked RS for his pocket knife.  He almost gave it to me, but then realized why I wanted it.  Then he reeled the kite in, took the ring off and placed it on my finger.  Then we gave the kite to his friend, so he could fly it while we made some calls.

I called my Mom right away to tell her and then I called my sisters.  I also called my grandparents and a few friends.  RS also called his fam to let them know that I said yes!  Then the three of us ate lunch at a local pizza joint.

After lunch we all headed down to the Redwood Forrest where we spent the afternoon.  We hiked and had a blast in the beautiful day.  And I couldn’t help but admire my new ring on my hand on the drive down there, and back. : )

We stopped at the beach by the Ritz Carlton to catch the sunset, which was perfect--just like the whole day had been.  Then the best friend took us out for a celebration dinner at Half Moon Bay.  It was this amazing restaurant, and while I don’t remember what I ate for dinner, I know it was good.  I think I was just a little too excited from the whole proposal to remember food from that day.

We went to the best friend’s Church on Sunday morning and had a nice time.  Then we caught lunch at Subway while we were on our way to do some more touring of the sights.  We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to go to Point Bonita Lighthouse, then we went to Coit Tour, down Lombard Street and to Fort Point.

We all had a great afternoon and evening sightseeing, and then we went to this great Italian Restaurant downtown.  We had a couple of appetizers that were great!  And then the pasta was just amazing.  I think it was probably one of my favorite meals ever.  The company probably had something to do with that though too! Hehe : )

We walked around some to see the bay bridge at night, and saw some creepy folks before getting to the car.  Throughout the whole day RS and I had been throwing around possible wedding dates, and we decided on a day--just as long as it would work out with everything.  RS and I flew back to Colorado the next day, and had such a great trip!  Not only did I meet and get to know his best friend, but we got engaged!!!!  So, San Fran will always hold a special place in our hearts. <3

To be continued….

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