Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 14

It was the morning of June 6th and I had a busy day (couple of days) in front of me.  My Mom, sisters, their kiddos, my BFF R and I had brunch at the Egg and I to start off the day.  Then we went over to the Church to decorate for the wedding/reception.  We’d been decorating for a couple of hours, and then we got some more help from my soon-to-be Mother-in-Law, sister-in-law and aunt.  We got done decorating with a little bit of time to spare to get ready for the Rehearsal that night.

The Rehearsal was at the Church, and started right around 5:30pm.  We talked through everything, walked through everything and did it forwards and backwards.  It was great to get our whole wedding party and family together for some time before the wedding.  The rehearsal went really well too.

RS and I got to run through our song with the sound system which was nice, and everyone there got to hear it for the first time.  We sang “The Prayer” and my very talented and sweet Mom accompanied us.   Since I’ve always loved singing, and RS professed his love for me through song after dating me for just 23 days…I thought it was only fitting to do a duet at our wedding.  : )  (I did the Italian, and he did the English part in that Italian section….)

Here are some of the lyrics from “The Prayer”:

“I pray you’ll be our eyes,
And watch us where we go.
And help us to be wise,
In times when we don’t know.

Let this be our prayer,
As we go our way.
Lead us to a place,
Guide us with your grace,
To a place where we’ll be safe.”

Since we really love our family, and have always been family oriented most of our wedding party was our family in fact. : )  Rocket Scientist’s Best Man was his best friend (who took the pics of our engagement).  Then his Groomsmen were:  his brother, good friend B, and my sister’s husbands.    We had my nephew A be the ring bearer.  I had my sisters be my Matrons of Honor.  Then my bridesmaids were:  RS’s sister, my BFF R and my oldest niece K.  Then our flower girls were my three nieces J, L and K.  We had a few of our good friends be ushers and guestbook attendants as well.  :)

After the rehearsal, we went over to the Rio for the rehearsal dinner.  Our wedding party as well as more family from out of town were there.  It was a burrito bar and very good.  Kind words were said and overall a great time was had!

To be continued. . .

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