Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a Love Story: Chapter 19

We woke up early on the 9th of June, ate some more great breakfast from that B&B and made our way out of town.  We were going to do about a two week tour of the mountains of Colorado for our honeymoon.  So our first stop was Ouray, Colorado, where we stayed for 4 nights at the Box Canyon Lodge.

We had a great little road trip down, and stopped and ate lunch at Coney Island in Bailey, CO.   I actually saw a mountain lion while RS was setting up the camera on the tripod for a quick pic of us at lunch.  Crazy huh?  He was just walking up a hill, about 100 feet away from my new hubby.  Crazy.  Anyway, the drive took up most of the day, and was a gorgeous drive.  We got into Ouray around dinner time, and we got a little settled into our room before getting some dinner.

We walked to the main strip of Ouray and took pics as we were looking for somewhere to eat.  I actually can’t remember where we decided on, but I’m sure it was great.  :)  After dinner we rented a movie free from the Front Desk and watched one that night.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we rented one every night because it was a nice, chill thing to do!  :)

During our stay in Ouray we visited:  the Box Canyon, Cascade Waterfall (and accompanying hike), natural Amphitheatre, the Hot Springs as well as other things.  One day we also drove over to Telluride, CO which is just a hop away from Ouray.  We rode the  Gondola in Telluride and saw some really breathtaking views of the Rockies.  We also did some four wheeling and hiking up the backside of Black Bear to get to see Bridal Veil Falls and the power plant.  We also did a walking tour of Ouray while we were there, and ate at a great Mexican Restaurant in Ridgeway that’s near Ouray.

One day, while we were walking to the hot springs tubs at our hotel in Ouray we saw a black bear cub.  He was actually cinnamon colored and quite large, even though he was quite small. If that makes sense.  The only kicker was that, that was literally the ONLY time during our whole trip that I didn’t have my camera on me! :(  So I didn’t get any pictures of that cute little (read: cute but terrifying) bear.  And in turn, we didn’t soak in the tubs that evening.  We did however try to get a pic a couple minutes later.  But no luck.

After our stay in Ouray was over we headed up to Crested Butte, CO.  Our three night stay at the Grand Lodge in Crested Butte was generously provided by my Aunt D and Uncle D.  We had a great time, and the hotel was great.  Crested Butte is a lot different than Ouray.  It’s a really small ski town, and kind of a hippy town.  Well, definitely a hippy town, and super nice!  We found a great restaurant or two and definitely had a memorable time while we were there…

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