Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guess who I met today??

I've been in Colorado for the last week and a half visiting my family.  I flew here on the 2nd and my sister had her baby on February 3rd.  So it was perfect timing to be able to help her and of course, see her new baby girl!  She's beautiful by the way!  :)  I've had a great time out here, and have gotten to love on the new little one as well as her 5 other siblings a lot.  :)
My Mom and I with the Pioneer Woman! :)
Anyway, as you already know,  my Mom and I keep up with the Pioneer Woman's blog and saw that she was going to be in Denver today.  So, my dad drove my Mom and I down there to go to her book signing!  We had to wait about 4.5 hours to meet her, but she signed our books and we all had a great conversation!  She is even more beautiful in person, and just the sweetest thing ever!  :) It was a great day!!!  I still can't believe we got to meet Ree Drummond--The Pioneer Woman!  :)  (And yes, I was really excited to meet you can probably tell from the ridiculous smile on my face...hehehe)

 The book signing was at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Lodo.  I love this bookstore!!  :)
 PW was promoting her new book.
So beautiful.  So sweet.  And kind.  And nice.  And great.  And she took time for everyone.  :)

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