Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hush Puppies

I love these things.  When we lived in CO the only place you could get hush puppies was Long John Silvers.  Well, since we live in the South we've realized that you can get them....just about everywhere!  Which is a definite bonus.  But, not all hush puppies are made equal of course.  :)  So, do some experimenting when you make yours until you get them just how you like them!  :)  These are good for a pinch but I will be making them from scratch soon to see if I can get them to taste more like my faves from restaurants.  :)

Hush Puppies:
Corn Muffin Mix (Homemade or store bought)
Milk and egg to go with mix
Finely minced onions if desired

1.  You guessed it...I used a mix.  (This time around at least...)  And I decided to go with trusty Jiffy.  (Because they are cheap and easy to have on hand, and typically Jiffy mixes turn out really well! :)  I prepared this according to the package instructions.
 2.  Heat some oil in a pot (or deep fryer or electric skillet) and you can either drop by the spoonful like this to make them....(cook until golden to brown on each side)
 Or you can use the bag technique for a Southern touch of hush puppy delight. ;)  (We have these little skinny long ones here.)  Just put the batter in a bag and snip of the corner.  Then pipe kind of like frosting into the hot oil.  (Carefully!)
 3.  Then take the hush puppies out once they are either golden brown or brown.  (Whichever you prefer.)  Try not to kind of burn them like this one in the picture...  (If they are browning too quickly on the outsides and the middles are still gooey the oil is too hot!)
Somehow this was the only pic I got of any of them tonight...I guess we were hungry. ;)

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