Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iced Coffee/Iced Cappuccino Concentrate

If you're suffering from hot (and possibly humid) days, you're probably looks for some relief from the heat!  So, why not make some concentrated coffee up for iced coffees and iced cappuccinos! :)  Yum!  I finally took photos while doing cold brewed coffee this time but only on my phone...better than nothing but still not the best.  I guess you can't win them all though, right?  :)

Here's how to do it.  It's not rocket science, it's just cold brew coffee and you don't even need any nifty new gadgets.  Although the Toddy System would make this even more of a breeze! :)

What you'll need:
1 c. (or more if you want) Ground Coffee* 
8 c. Water** 
Milk, sugar, vanilla, flavoring syrups, etc...for later on if so desired. :)

* Coffee--any kind really, but you do get what you pay for...usually at least :)
** Water--Room temperature, filtered or not. :) (I used filtered, because that's how I roll.)

Now, put the coffee grounds into the bottom of a large bowl and then pour the water over them.  Stir to make sure all coffee grounds are wet.  Place lid, or saran wrap, on top to cover and let sit overnight or about 12 hours.  

I used my 8c. Anchor Hocking mixing bowl (with lid) and it fit this all just perfectly.  Just be careful when carrying...  :)  

After it's been 12 hours (give or take 4 or so) it's ready to be purged of the grounds.  I like to use this mesh strainer(above), with a regular (8-12c.) coffee filter (this one is unbleached if you wonder why it's brown not white) inside like so(below).
Then, just carefully pour the cold (well rook temp) coffee mixture into the filter and into a clean bowl.  Filter all the coffee mixture until it is done.  
Beware this process of filtering does take some time.  I have never timed it, but it probably takes around 20 minutes to filter the 8 c. of coffee concentrate.  Just FYI.  It is worth it though. :)

Then store coffee concentrate*** in the fridge, preferably in a glass container such as the bowl mentioned above that I made this in.  I always end up washing it and pouring this concentrate back in to store.  You can figure out which way works best for you though!  Coffee does stain things counters (if spilled and left for a while) and at least some plastic containers.  So just be aware of what you are storing the coffee concentrate in, k?  :)  

***--You can feel free to sweeten your coffee concentrate after filtering it and before refrigerating it.  You can stir it right in and then refrigerate as normal.  I would however wait to mix in the milk until you are ready to drink it.  :)  Unless of course you are serving this for a party or something.  Then I think you can make it a day ahead of time or so with milk and all mixed in and be fine.  :)
Then once you have your concentrate all ready to go and chilled. All you have to do is pour it over some ice and go.  Or of course you could make an iced cappuccino by adding about 1 part coffee concentrate and 1 part milk and sweeten if desired.  
I like to sweeten my iced cappucinos with Vanilla Extract and Sugar because they remind me of the iced caps I would get from a certain coffee shop I used to work at in CO.  But experiment with it and find your perfect flavor combo! :)  Enjoy!

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