Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easy Fiesta Pasta Salad

I love pasta salads!  They are super versitale and super easy and usually super affordable!  :)  So here's a mexi twist on one for ya!  Just in time for hot summer nights and even hotter summer days!

Easy Fiesta Pasta Salad:
~3 c. Cooked Pasta (Any shape really, but bite-sized works best, and try to do whole grain)
1 can Beans, rinsed (Black or Pinto)
1 c. Corn
Garnish:  green onions, chives, garlic shoots, chips, cheese, etc...
Ranchalsa Dressing:
Mix 5 T.  Salsa with 5-7 T.  Ranch Dressing (Adjust to your liking)

In a large bowl combine pasta, beans and corn.  Serve and then drizzle some dressing on each serving.  Then garnish with your choice.  I used garlic shoot clippings and chips.  This is super easy, super affordable and super delish! 

 I just love the dressing!  It's great on lettuce salads too!  :)

Or you can make a salad and then put this pasta salad over it.  So it's a pasta salad salad!  :)  Like this...

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