Saturday, June 18, 2011

Berry picking at Herndon Hills Farm in Durham, NC

Just a few of the blueberries we got today!  Aren't they huge? :)
I've been searching to find places to pick fruit (and veggies if possible) in the Triangle region and this was the first place that actually has blueberries this year!  So, my hubby and I ventured over to Herndon Hills Farm that is just a short (about 1 mile drive) from Southpoint Mall in Durham this morning.  They are open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7am-12pm for blueberry and blackberry picking.  Then in the fall they have Muscadine grapes to pick!  Yummy!  :)  And everything there is super healthy because they don't spray their bushes or fruit with any pesticides!  Great news huh?

We had a great time picking this morning.  We got there just after 7am, and the morning couldn't have been more perfect.  It was overcast and quite cool, which turns out to be perfect berry picking weather.  It's best to not wear sunglasses when picking blueberries (probably other berries too) because you can see what color the they are better.  (To avoid picking under ripe berries.)  There were other people picking at the farm but plenty of room for us all.  There was also a plethora of blueberries to pick, and blackberries too!  Here are some pics from our adventure!  We completely recommend this place!  The farm was neat and easy to navigate, super  nice and reasonably priced! :)

One view of Herndon Hills Farm. 
Part of the blueberry patch at Herndon Hills Farm.
(Notice all the nice grassy paths to walk on!)
My hubby about to pick our first blueberry today!
Here you can see several different stages of blueberry growth. So patriotic huh?  :)
All our blueberries.
My hubs about to grab a blackberry.
Close up, of a blackberry.  So similar to raspberries but different.
Some blooms left on a blackberry plant.
A partial view of the blackberry vineyard (or patch?) at Herndon Hills farm.
(Again you can see the nice grass to walk on--SO nice!:)
Another view of Herndon Hills Farm.  You can see the Muscadine vineyard in this one, and some more of the lake and blackberries...
Again, I just can't say enough great things about this farm!  It's not the biggest, but it's definitely worth it!  Friendly staff and great fruit!  Today we paid $2.75/lb. for blueberries and $3.00/lb. for blackberries--prices may change though.  Which if you do the math, is way cheaper than grocery store prices. (especially for pesticide-free!)  We love this place and will definitely be going back this summer!  In fact, we may be going back next week!  :)  Be on the lookout for recipes coming soon....using this wonderful berries!  :)  I already made some from scratch blueberry muffins this morning! :)

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