Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easy Refrigerator Pickles

I love cukes.  There's just something about them.  They are crisp, cool and so summery!  I love them plain, marinated or as pickles!  So I decided to try my hand at doing just some quick fridge pickles.  Here's how they turned out!  :)  Did I mention, they are super easy too?!?  No canning needed to make great pickles at home!!  :)  In fact....I like the way they turned out so much that I told my hubby that I may not be buying pickles at the store anymore....  So try these out for yourselves!

For a Pint of Refrigerator Pickles:
1 Pint Jar (with lid)
~3 cucumbers, sliced (peeled or not)
1 t. Salt
1 c. White Distilled Vinegar
1/4 c. Sugar
1 t. Peppercorns
1 t. Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 t. Coriander
Dash of Dill Weed
A few onion slices, optional

1.  Place the sliced cucumbers in a bowl and sprinkle the salt all over them.  Make sure it covers them.  Let sit for a few minutes.
2.  Bring vinegar and sugar to a boil.
3.  Place peppercorns, red pepper flakes, coriander, dill weed and onion slices in the bottom of the jar.  
4.  Then layer the salted cucumbers on top of the spices.
 5.  Pour the boiling vinegar/sugar mixture into the jar ( and on top of the cukes).  Fill the jar to within about 1/2" of the top.
 6.  Place the lid on the jar and tightly fasten it.  Then shake some until the spices are moving around freely.  (Below is a pic trying to show how the spices should look....I had to lay it on its side in order to show that though...)
 7.  Place jar in the refrigerator for 2 days or about 48 hours, and viola!  
 You'll have pickles!!  Crispy, yummy, pickles!!!!  :)

These are the way I made them, and they have a bit of a kick to them.  Which my hubby and I like, but be sure to tweek the recipe to your tastes, k?  :)

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