Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tacos.  Tacos.  Tacos.  You can get them so many places.  Hard ones.  Soft ones.  Chicken, Beef or fish.  The options go on and on.  :)  The best thing about making them at home though?  You can make them how you like them!  So here's how I made them tonight....and will probably from now on.  (Since this is the first time that I've made tacos since we've been married....I think I will probably make them more often than every 2-3 years too! ;)

Here's a way to make more Authentic Mexican Tacos:

Homemade tortillas

Shredded Beef (with seasoning of your choice)

Veggies (lettuce/guacamole/corn salsa/salsa/etc...)

Cheese, optional

Fill each tortilla with beef, then veggies and cheese if desired.  Fold and enjoy!  :)

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